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Sputtering Target Characterization service

Sputtering Target Characterization, STC

Sputtering Target Characterization is an innovative way of testing the properties of sputtering targets developed by UCSM Technology. We offer a new method to evaluate the behavior of sputtering targets, which bridges the gap between the target and the thin film, allowing for better connectivity in the entire sputtering industry. Sputtering Target Characterization focuses on the physical data generated by the targets under plasma bombardment. For target manufacturers, these data can quickly link to the production or development parameters of targets. Through the data generated by STC, target manufacturers can accelerate the development and quality correlation of targets. At the same time, target manufacturers can communicate with end-users using similar language and data that is closer to the way customers use targets. For thin film manufacturers, the data from Sputtering Target Characterization can be linked to their production processes. Common requirements include reproducing the production process due to target-related issues and using the data from Sputtering Target Characterization to clarify which target characteristics may cause problems in thin film production. Furthermore, the data from Sputtering Target Characterization can be used to choose targets from different suppliers.

Please contact us for STC service:

1. Third-party verification for project planning and alpha-site verification.
2. Supplier target characterization analysis and comparison.
3. Analysis of the relationship between abnormal production conditions and target properties.
4. Collaborating with MicroVision to accelerate target development cycles by providing verification services.

Inspection items:

1. Appearance inspection of target sputtering surface
2. IV characteristic curve of sputtering target
3. Number of abnormal plasma discharge behaviors (arcing counts)
4. Plasma ignition analysis of target
5. Sputtering voltage uniformity of target (Once Around Voltage)
6. Deposition rate of thin film
7. Erosion rate of target
8. Scattering angle of plasma
9. Other customized analyses

The communication gap between the target supplier and the film end

Mission of UCSM Technology: To connect the upstream and downstream of PVD industry, and to link the film end and the target end through STC.




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The sputtering target material provides good film characteristics and sputtering process efficiency, which helps to control the quality of the disc. In addition, the sputtering equipment's cleanliness, crystal image uniformity and recycling system for sputtering targets, as well as related integrated technology and quality services. Different sputtering equipment power supplies can provide different deposition methods and process speeds.