Sputtering source repair and maintenance

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Sputtering source repair and maintenance

Sputtering Source Maintenance Service

UCSM Technology is a highly specialized company in the field of sputtering. We provide customers with high-quality sputtering sources and have a professional maintenance service team. We often hear that many devices become unusable because the sputtering source fails after years of use, but customers struggle to find good service from the device manufacturers and end up with equipment that becomes idle, or even listed as scrap. To better serve our customers, in addition to selling custom-made new sputtering sources, Microtech also provides maintenance and servicing for existing sputtering sources. Our maintenance team has extensive repair experience and professional knowledge, can quickly solve various malfunctions, and can extend the life of the sputtering source to the customer's best advantage. We value customer needs and opinions, continuously upgrade our products and optimize our technology. Our goal is to provide customers with the best quality products and services, making them satisfied and trustworthy. If you need sputtering source maintenance or servicing, please contact Microtech. We will provide you with professional, efficient, and high-quality service.

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The sputtering target material provides good film characteristics and sputtering process efficiency, which helps to control the quality of the disc. In addition, the sputtering equipment's cleanliness, crystal image uniformity and recycling system for sputtering targets, as well as related integrated technology and quality services. Different sputtering equipment power supplies can provide different deposition methods and process speeds.