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Sputtering Target Characterization

We have developed a set of target sputtering detection technology to provide analysis of target sputtering behavior, greatly accelerate the target development cycle and provide detection indicators of target sputtering characteristics.
Traditional target detection is the basic physical characteristics of the target, such as:

  • Flexural strength

  • Microstructure inspection

  • Electrical testing

  • Purity and impurities

However, these characteristics cannot directly connect the sputtering performance that target users are interested in. The STC technology developed by us can simulate the sputtering conditions of various sputtering industries

  • Appearance Inspection of the sputtering surface of the target

  • The number of particles and the number of abnormal discharge behaviors of plasma 

  • Sputtering current and voltage characteristic curve 

  • Target sputtering/film uniformity 

  • Target utilization rate 

  • Target scattering angle 

  • Thin film characteristics

It allows target suppliers to provide the sputtering characteristics data that downstream sputter company really care about, establish target quality control, and greatly shorten the cycle time for target research and development verification.

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The sputtering target material provides good film characteristics and sputtering process efficiency, which helps to control the quality of the disc. In addition, the sputtering equipment's cleanliness, crystal image uniformity and recycling system for sputtering targets, as well as related integrated technology and quality services. Different sputtering equipment power supplies can provide different deposition methods and process speeds.