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Ultra Clean Surface Machining service

Surface problems caused by target material processing:

1. Surface damage and scratches from target material processing.
2. Residual particles on the surface of the target material.
3. Surface heterogeneity contamination caused by processing tools and cleaning solvents.
4. Oxidation of the target material surface caused by processing and cleaning.

How does ThinFilm address these issues?
In the past, ThinFilm manufacturers used pre-sputtering to remove surface material, but it has its drawbacks:
1. Expensive equipment is required, sacrificing equipment utilization to remove target material surface problems.
2. The plasma erosion area of the sputtering equipment only accounts for 60-80% of the entire target surface, and the remaining area is a resputtering adhesion zone that cannot be effectively removed by pre-sputtering.
3. The removed substances or dirt will remain on the shielding plate or workpiece in the vacuum chamber.

How does Microview Technology solve this problem?
Microview Technology has developed a proprietary ultra-clean target material surface processing technology. The concept is to use dry and oil-free plasma processing on the target material before it reaches the thin film production equipment to remove all surface damage, particles, defects, and oxidation, allowing the thin film production end to have an ultra-clean target material for production. The UCSM processed target material has the following advantages:

1. Shorten the pre-sputtering schedule to achieve production conditions earlier.
2. Improve the initial yield of thin films.
3. Reduce abnormal discharge behavior (arcing) during sputtering.
4. Significantly improve the adhesion of target material resputtering materials and reduce particle counts.
5. Stable sputtering voltage can be achieved at the beginning of the equipment operation.
6. Slow down the oxidation of the target material.

SEM of target surface

Re-deposition area cross section SEM




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The sputtering target material provides good film characteristics and sputtering process efficiency, which helps to control the quality of the disc. In addition, the sputtering equipment's cleanliness, crystal image uniformity and recycling system for sputtering targets, as well as related integrated technology and quality services. Different sputtering equipment power supplies can provide different deposition methods and process speeds.