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UCSM Specializing in plasma equipment and coating technology

We use a high-density plasma source to remove the target's surface damage caused by traditional processing, pollution and surface oxidation problems caused by cleaning. UCSM can provide ultra-clean target surface characteristics of the target material, which helps target users, shortens the pre-sputtering time, reduces the abnormal discharge behavior of the target during the sputtering process (Arcing), and improves the adhesion of the target back splash The ability to ultimately reduce the particle issues (Particles issues) generated during the sputtering process of the target material, and improve the product yield.

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The sputtering target material provides good film characteristics and sputtering process efficiency, which helps to control the quality of the disc. In addition, the sputtering equipment's cleanliness, crystal image uniformity and recycling system for sputtering targets, as well as related integrated technology and quality services. Different sputtering equipment power supplies can provide different deposition methods and process speeds.